Design Manager HW

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  • Barcelona, Spain

Design Manager HW

Job description

We are looking for an experienced Design Manager HW to lead product design team of global brand. You are proactive, creative, engaged, optimistic, progressive, open-minded and resourceful and you seek inspiration, empowerment, and challenge.

Design manager typically manage a Customer Experience team which include perimeter leads on charge of ID, UX, UI and Customer Touch teams. They also deliver critical feedback where needed and encourage team members throughout the duration of a project.



  • Design is important to a product’s success; design managers collaborate with other teams to ensure that success and drive the envision of current and future programs.
  • One key role is to manage department budget and resources bandwidth of outsourced teams. design manager defines the team's action plan and objectives.
  • Present Design Ideas, once design strategies have been developed, design managers present them to upper management. While presenting, design managers speak to specific numbers and expected outcomes.
  • Evaluates Design Performance, once a design has been finalized and implemented, design managers track and reviews the optimal use of assigned resources.



Design managers HW are familiar with design quality and the strategies involved in creating good product designs. Employers look for design managers who have master’s degrees in relevant fields regarding engineering or business management. Successful candidates have at least seven years of design or engineering experience and three years of design management experience. Successful design managers should also possess the following skills:


  • innovation background – design managers introduce innovation through design thinking and service design methodologies into every project they manage, thinking of new ways to create unique designs that have meaningful impacts on customers.
  • Conflict management – since they manage a team of multiple designers, design managers should be able to manage and resolve conflict between individual team members and between different teams.
  • Negotiation skills – working with other teams to implement changes to a product’s design or third party stakeholders (supplier and service companies), design managers influence others, leading them to understand why certain design aspects matter more than others and achieving company goals.
  • Leadership – design managers are good leaders able to deliver clear feedback to their team members.
  • Deadline management – design managers ensure strict team and project deadlines are met.